getting spoken to as if i’m straight by straight people who assume everyone is straight, subsequently feeling like the world’s most useless and irritated secret agent

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You know all those wonderful Conservative parents who proceed to abandon, kick out, or cut off their children for any reason (including, but not limited to a child’s sexuality)?
Well here we go:

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
1 Timothy 5:8 (NKJV)


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"So I ask the American commentators, please stop announcing that Landon Donovan is the “all-time U.S. leading goal scorer.” He is not. With 57 international goals, he’s not even in the Top Five.

The all-time U.S. leading goal scorer is Abby Wambach, with 167 goals, followed by Mia Hamm (158), Kristine Lilly (130), Michelle Akers (105) and Tiffeny Milbrett (100). In fact, Abby Wambach is the all-time leading goal scorer in the world, among all soccer players, male or female."

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rarity is tired of you clowns

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Whenever someone refers to the gay community as “queer folk” I imagine us all like woodland sprites, we are the queer folk community, we are born of flowers and fairy dust, we are destroying the sanctity of marriages and corrupting children

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"My boyfriend called me while I was at work to tell me about it. He sent me an email with pictures of this new “soldier” and I had to show the women I work with (also Marines, current or former). We couldn’t believe it wasn’t some sort of joke. One of my coworkers even said, “Oh, yeah; she’ll definitely last in combat so long as she isn’t worried about a tit popping out."


Women in the military interviewed about the portrayal of women in games. Specifically for the quote, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. Recommending reading the whole thing, as there’s some great stuff in there. (via kierongillen)

For those of you who live under a rock, the female soldier character in question is Quiet from new MGS game.


Hope it’s self-explanatory why actual women in military aren’t amused by her costume design.


A reminder that early in the Metal Gear franchise, female soldiers looked like this:


- wincenworks

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This needs to be rebloggable …

number 9 tho

number fucking 9. there was a dude that would play his guitar outside of my window at 1 am all the time

Some bits that I’ve picked up:

There’s a general rule of college that if you were sitting in that seat for over two weeks, that is your seat. Not many if any professors have seating arrangements but switching seats will fuck everyone up.

Get there early and stay late. As soon as you get home you will not want to do shit. Stay on campus and do some homework while you’re in the environment.

SIT UP FRONT. The best way to start understanding something is to listen to someone talk about it and you can’t do that from the back of the class trying to listen over everyone whispering to each other. LISTENING WILL MAKE HOMEWORK SO MUCH EASIER. 

Be childish, but be respectful. Have a massive snowball fight across campus, but don’t aim for anyone not taking part. 

SHUT THE FUCK UP IN THE LIBRARY. Some people work there, some people sleep there. It is a quiet space. 

Don’t be afraid to talk to professors. They are not there to flunk you. They would rather you pass than not.


Get involved. It will help you make friends, give you new skills to learn, and even help you get a leg up in the work place if you know the right people.

I will add to this as a GTA:

   Take time for yourself—buy a planner, figure out when your best study hours are, figure out WHERE you study best, and figure out how much time you need to complete an assignment—AND THEN make sure to pencil in an hour for video games, some time to watch a TV show, or time to just lay on your floor and blow bubbles. Whatever you like. Don’t forget about YOU.

  SLEEP. EAT. DRINK WATER. Don’t die. Caffeine =/= sleep. I cannot emphasize that this much. 


  COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR INSTRUCTORS! If you’re sick, shoot an e-mail and say “Hey, I’m sick today. Can I set up a time to talk to you about what I missed?” If you’ve got a good opportunity (scholarships, to go to another country, to check out a cool lecture, etc.) let your prof know ahead of time. If you just need time to work on projects, all it takes is an e-mail. We understand. I gave a student a free skip day because he e-mailed me and said “Hey, look, I have two massive tests and a project due and I need the time to study.” And THAT IS OKAY.

   However, sometimes you just need a personal day, and you know what, when you wake up and getting out of bed seems like the worst idea ever….just turn off your alarm and get that sleep.

Some additionally tid-bits that might help you 

  • Before signing up for classes, look on “ratemyprofessor.com" and see if the teachers at your campus are included. There may be two or more teachers for the same course, and you want to try and pick the good/easy one. Who your professor is can have a great affect on what grade you make, even for the "same" class. 
  • Look for a facebook group for your "graduating class" set up, which is a good way to make friends and find people with similar interests (particularly for introverts). 
  • Look for a facebook group for each of your courses. If there isn’t one, MAKE ONE and send it out via the course email or word of mouth. These groups are helpful for if you missed class and need the notes, and especially for review time before exams. 
  • If no one else does it, make a google doc of the exam reviews and post it on the class facebook page. That way everyone contributes to the review. 200 brains are most definitely better than 1. 
  • During lectures, unless Internet is required, TURN IT OFF. If it’s on, you WILL end up on tumblr or some other site, and you will miss important shit. 
  • For the love of God, pay attention to your syllabus. Sometimes assignments are listed there, and that’s the only place it’ll be mentioned. Also, if it says to do a reading by a specific date, DO THE READING BY THAT DATE. Otherwise you will get behind, and you will have 200+ pages of textbooks to read in one night before the test, and you will cry.
  • Yes you actually need to do the readings. Yes it is a lot. Yes it will suck. Do it anyways. 
  • If you are used to getting all A’s, do not cry when you get a B. Take it from someone who killed herself for two years to maintain a 4.0, it feels like the end of the world when your GPA drops, but it’s not. You’ll be okay. Just breathe and do your best. Your best is good enough.


Try to make sure you leave an open hour around midday so that you have time to get food in you. A lot of people forget to do this. If you have to have back to back classes, check your syllabus or with your teacher—some midday classes allow you to bring in a drink and a snack. Some will even allow you a full meal.

If you can get an online/pdf copy of the book without busting the bank, DO IT. Sometimes there are even annotated versions online. This can make notetaking a shitton easier, because you can highlight printed-out versions of the book and they won’t dock you on the money back. Sometimes professors move through their lecture too fast for you to write stuff down. Shrugging off that old ‘don’t ruin your books’ rule you had in high school may be your only hope.

UNLESS YOU NEED THEM OR REALLY WANT TO KEEP THEM TRY TO SELL BACK YOUR BOOKS—maybe even offer them online to incoming students. You won’t get nearly the worth of them but someone after you will thank you a million times over for providing a used copy. If you take good notes, you can sometimes buy/sell those as well. A lot of professors teach literally the same class every time.

IF YOUR PROFESSOR PUTS NOTES ONLINE GET THEM. GET THEM NOW. TRUST ME. YOU WANT THOSE NOTES. Bring them in with you if it’s possible to get them before class.

Keep change on hand. Always.

The Best Way To Make Friends:

Bring a printer with you to college and offer to print people’s stuff for half of what the school does or for free if you can afford it.

Carry around small candies with you and offer them to people while waiting outside of class. If you are the ‘candy person’ this gives you an in for starting conversations.

Buy a jumbo pack of chalk and find an open sidewalk on a free day. Write the words ‘Come draw with me?’ and begin doodling.

Have a pack of cards.

Last But Not Least: if you go onto campus and you can’t find what you’re looking for, and you are afraid to go up to someone and ask, find an open, well-populated area, hold your schedule/map in hand, and walk in circles for a few minutes, looking up and around in obvious confusion. Other students know this body language well. Someone will stop and point you in the right direction. (if you are worried that the person’s directions are a joke or faulty, wait for them to leave and take up the stance again; if the directions match-up the second time, they’re legit; do not allow a person to ‘show you the way’ unless EVERY STEP is along an obvious walkway, just in case)

For those of you who fear assault, most campuses aren’t much for small blades or mace. Carry a pocket air horn or a hand bag of those little pop-rock fireworks unless you can get a concealed weapons permit.

Adding my own tidbit:

Make friends with transfer kids. Chances are, they won’t be able to live in the dorms and it’ll be ten times harder for them to meet people since they have to drive to and from campus. It’s also fun hearing about their experiences before the college you both go to. 

Make friends with an older student. I’m talking about students who have families and full-time jobs. You can learn a lot from them, and they honestly have the best stories. They’re often the smartest and the most dedicated, so they make great study buddies. 


I’d like to add that if your campus has a rec center USE IT! Rest your brain between classes. Trust me. 

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Gonna keep a tally of messages I get from a) white feminists completely proving my point and b) people who think this comic proves feminism is worthless because I criticized one part of it. (Even despite me writing these words underneath the comic.) Then I’ll add them all up, see which column has more, and then drink myself to sleep either way.

Haha… this is why we can’t have nice things.

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For future reference.

Thank you.

For those who would ever need it. -C

reblogging here because i can see this being relevant to anyone who’s ever tried to get out of an abusive relationship

Reblogging because that last comment made me reread the whole thing in a new light and realize this could be vital information. So, putting it out there for everyone, and hoping no one ever really needs it.

>using an OS that doesn’t respect your freedoms
>using closed source sofware
>expecting privacy
I shiggy diggy


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fuck though like piper/alex is a prime fucking example of a bisexual woman being abused by her lesbian partner because do not fucking come at me and tell me alex does not use piper’s bisexuality against her.

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nah man life doesn’t get better when you educate yourself about feminism. life gets considerably harder. bc all of a sudden you pick up on all of these problematic things people you care about say and you start noticing every little way women are degraded and held down in society and you become hyperaware of how you speak and what you say and it’s really, really difficult and tiresome.


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Black Bodies: Objects For White Profit, Power and Pleasure


Black bodies, the bodies of Black Americans, have a sordid and complicated history. Thebabies of slaves used as alligator bait is a reality often forgotten when people think of the Jewish babies killed by Nazi guards. Indeed, the latter wasn’t the first time that something reprehensible happened to infants and toddlers solely based on identity. Images of whipped slaves’ backs have been permanently etched into my mind. The parallels between slavery and sports (as documented in the seminal book Forty Million Dollar Slaves) is painful to think about. Photographs of Black women forced to nurse White children, with despair, not joy in their eyes are hard to examine (and when White women blog these photographs with glee, I feel rage). Examining the intersections of science and racism (in a way that many atheists forget to when examining the intersections religion and racism) as revealed in the bookMedical Apartheid hurts me now, today. Black women used as objects for White male pleasure and their punishment (through rape), as production tools through rape (to make more slaves), as chattel, farmers, cooks, housekeepers, wet nurses, and as forced quasi-mothers of White children—bodies devalued and only viewed as tools—is a reality that cannot be ignored. Even in death, Black bodies were displayed for examination and spectacle, used without permission for research and Black grave robbing persisted. Even in death, our bodies weren’t (and actually, still aren’t) safe. As this country owes its very existence, from infrastructure to its economy, literally to Black bodies, from being sold and used as actual products, to building, to agriculture to modern medicine (i.e. gynecology wouldn’t truly exist without the ABUSE and DEATH Black women suffered, as procedures were performed and perfected without our ancestors’ consent so that White women could be made healthy) to objects of pleasure, I can’t stop thinking about this history when I think of the modern reaction to Black bodies. This isn’t to say that I think of our bodies as separate from our beings; this is to say that this is how we’re treated in society—as if no persons, no faces, no names, and no souls are connected to our bodies. Black Chicago murder victims are reported in counts; White murder victims are reported by name. Every name mentioned.

Even in less serious, but still salient circumstances today, many White people demand the right—the right, to touch Black women’s hair. (And what’s been weird, in my experience, is that White women seem to think they have this right more than White men, because we share gender.) It’s outrageous to them not to have the right to put their hands on our bodies. How dare we object; I mean, if it makes Whites happy, what right do we have to say no in 2013? What could be more important than the power and pleasure of a White person in the history of this country? Apparently, nothing. Black people exist for their pleasure and entertainment above all, it seems.

Barbara Walters had to touch Tanika Ray’s hair. Justin Beiber had to touch Esperanza Spalding’s hair. Adrian Brody had to kiss Halle Berry on the mouth. Justin Timberlake rippedJanet Jackson’s costume, yet if you ask most Americans, he wasn’t even there. Most remember Janet being there alone. Katie Couric had to touch Beyonce. Regis Philbin had to touch Nicki Minaj’s butt and Kelly Ripa had to dress up like her. Miley Cyrus had to become “empowered” (by behaving like a sex-obsessed, patriarchal White male) and hire and touch a “big booty ho” (in her words) who of course had to be a Black adult dancer. Meryl Streephad to pet Viola Davis’ face. Caroline Wozniacki had to mock Serena’s body. White Jewish comedians such as Billy Crystal and Sarah Silverman have to do blackface. White cisgender gay men have to mock Black women, reduce us down to nothing, by claiming a “fat” one is inside of them anytime they appropriate Black culture. They have to. It’s their right, it seems.

Whites will quickly claim that the celebrities in question didn’t care or applauded the touching without permission or mocking, as if that’s solely the point. The point is these public behaviors reinforce stereotypical norms that impact the rest of the world. It’s never solely about celebrities. Every time someone White thinks they have a right to put their hands on my body, they cite an example of when someone Black told them it’s okay (as if there’s blanket permission that one can give for the whole race) or when someone White was “nice” about it, as if I am then required to care and allow it. Any rejection of their claim is viewed as conceit on our part. Having basic personal sovereignty over our own bodies, what they themselves have, is a form of…arrogance?

As social beings we touch; as humans, we learn and share information and emotion through touch. This is true. But to pretend that every touch is equal in intention and effect or must be endured when it comes from Whites is no longer about being social or being human; it’s about White supremacy and White privilege. And, when it comes to the hierarchy of worth that this corrupt social construct and ideology creates, Black bodies, especially women’s, are the most degraded, attacked, disrespected and devalued. Very few people would place their hands on a White man’s body without permission, unless with the full intention of committing a crime. And a crime—meaning that they recognize the “value” of whom they’re touching and think twice before doing so unless for a criminal purpose. They’ve learned the subtle and not so subtle cues of who’s valuable and who isn’t. (I deal with intraracial issues of unwanted touching as well; I’ve encountered Black men who during street harassment have tried to touch me yet completely shifted gears when a White woman walked by. She got respect from them, not me. They too have their views on who’s worth something or not. And it’s not arbitrary, of course. Internalized racist devaluation of our whole race due to White supremacy, a long history of Black men being punished or killed for interacting with White women, and Eurocentric beauty myths that confer worth coupled with sexism that makes a woman’s worth beauty-related are the core causes of this.)

The sheer act of being a Black person or a woman opens the door for devaluation. Combine these and it’s my experience. Black women, specifically, are sexualized without our consent and regardless of our behavior. We are devalued solely because we exist. It doesn’t matter what we actually do. In no circumstance has a Black woman been the victim of anything and people, other than a small handful amidst the Black community and truthful non-Black allies, openly supported her. Victim blaming intensifies for a person without White or male privilege. I have neither. And for Black women further marginalized because of membership in the LGBTQ community, socioeconomics, weight and/or complexion, they know all too well how deep the devaluation can run in terms of their bodies and their lives.

Now some will argue that if someone is beautiful (or “ugly”), famous and/or in a field where their sexuality is a part of their image, they no longer deserve respect from Whites or anyone else. They lose their right to discern who may touch them. I’m fully aware of how the politics of respectability and Eurocentric beauty myths manifest for Black people, especially Black women. However, I don’t agree with this. I will NEVER accept the faulty logic that if anyone perceives someone as “not respecting themselves,” everyone else has the “right” to disrespect them as well. This thought process is a tangent of victim blaming as many ideologies amidst American culture are. Besides, even if I did perform the "look at me, I’m a special and ‘good’ Black woman who is a ‘lady’ that follows all of the racist and sexist rules of White supremacist capitalist patriarchy" schtick, my mind, my body, my worth, would still be devalued in this society.

What’s sad, truly sad, is if I entered a White person’s home or even their yard, and began to touch OBJECTS, not people, OBJECTS, they would gladly have me arrested or shoot me. Yet these same people think they have the right to touch other human beings. I’ve already been personally acquainted with the idea that objects are deemed more valuable than I am. I was burglarized some years ago and received endless sympathy for lost objects, yet none when I, a person, was threatened and stalked by several men.

I’m no one’s object and definitely not one solely for pleasure. If this means setting boundaries and reminding Whites of this daily, so be it. Don’t touch me without permission. Don’t. Don’t even ask for permission if you don’t know me. Don’t.

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"Gaza was bombarded with 273 airstrikes yesterday (8th July). That’s an average of 11 an hour. Gaza is about 25 miles long and 4 miles wide, with a population of 1.7 million crammed into that tiny space. It is under Israeli occupation and Israeli siege. Hospitals estimate they will run out of resources to treat the wounded in about two days. Electricity is intermittent. Gaza has no army, air force or navy. Israel is the fourth largest military power in the world. Resistance to occupation is allowed under international law. Israel’s occupation, siege and collective punishment of Gaza is not."

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The Woman Who Helped Change How Police Treat Transgender People


A wonderful feature-length piece on Patti Shaw, featuring Ruby Corado of Casa Ruby — two women who are the sheroes doing the daily access work to change the lives of trans folk. 

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"Gentrification spreads the myth of native incompetence: That people need to be imported to be important, that a sign of a neighbourhood’s ‘success’ is the removal of its poorest residents. True success lies in giving those residents the services and opportunities they have long been denied."

- Sarah Kendzior, The Peril of Hipster Economics (x)

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